If a hearing is sent to you, you should go to court on the day of the hearing. If you don`t, an order can be issued in your absence and if you violate that order, you can eventually go to jail. It is not without good reason that the judge will not be welcomed. It shows that you have no respect for the authority of the court and the judge might believe that you simply do not care enough about children to convey your opinions. It is unlikely that the case will simply go away, and a „head in the sand“ approach will probably result, in your absence, in a legally binding order with which you disagree. It is much more difficult to overturn an existing court decision. At the end of the day, decisions about how to raise your children will be better made by parents, with compromises necessary, instead of imposing an order on you that you may not agree with, but to which you are bound by the law. You need a parental responsibility agreement if, as a father, you want to conclude a formal agreement stipulating that you have parental responsibility along with your mother. An educational plan is a written plan for preparing, discussing and agreeing on agreements. It`s not legally binding, but it can help you make plans that meet your children`s needs. „When my ex-wife and I divorced, we struggled to communicate with each other and agree on child agreements for our two sons.

We entered a family court proceeding at the end of the summer of 2014 and the situation became even more difficult and stressful for all of us. I had spoken to a number of lawyers and decided that I would only appoint a collaborative lawyer, or a lawyer who is a member of Resolution, an organization that helps people work together in a non-confrontational way and avoid rebellious language to achieve results in the best interests of children. They advised that quiet negotiations get the best results, and I hoped my ex-wife and I could solve things that way. I had also thought about trying family mediation, but the other party wrote that they didn`t want to go that route. This applies both to your thoughts and feelings and to information about your plans for the future. Try to explain the reasons for the arrangements you offer and why they are best for your child. Fig out how to pay for your children is another part of children`s arrangements – learn more about developing child maintenance. „If we had had this resource at the beginning of our separation, I believe my ex-wife and I could have worked together to make the best arrangements for our sons, and we would have saved a lot of money, time and fear. The most important thing is that the burden of our separation could have been much lower for our guys. Every family is different and for some, it will not be possible to have a relationship with both parents, either by choice or by security concerns. Sometimes a child`s parents don`t want to be involved in their lives.

There could be many reasons for this, difficult to understand. .