No refund is given for the services provided. The coach reserves the right to make an appointment if necessary. Customers must disclose all anxious, aggressive or potentially uncertain details about their dog prior to the registration of the training. One Leg Up Canine Company and its representatives reserve the right to remove any dog from a program at any time. No hard handling method is allowed. The use of choke collars, electric collars and claw collars is absolutely not permitted. All bites or incidents due to lack of management or neglect remain the responsibility of the owner. VACCINATIONSThe owner certifies that the dog is up to date with current vaccinations corresponding to the age of the dog. Vaccines may include: rabies, distemper, parvovirus and parainfluenza (also known as DA2PP or DHLPP). The owner certifies that the dog has received a negative fecal test and is in good health to participate in training sessions. By booking your appointment for dog training with One Leg Up Canine Company and its representatives, you agree (in „The Customer“) the following terms and conditions: During training, an adult must be available by dog. Parents/caregivers take full responsibility for the participating minors and must be present at all stages of the training. People under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult who does not care for a dog.

Cancellations made less than 24 hours before the end are considered a second-hand meeting. Customers must provide 24 hours for all cancellations in order to get a makeup session. The training packages purchased are not refundable. In the event of a medical emergency, a refund may be possible. An administrative fee of $30 is charged and a note from your veterinarian is required to obtain a credit. Various Clients accept that all images, audio or video recordings of Paws On Dog Training, LLC or its agents from a private workout, group class or other activity sponsored by Paws On Dog Training are owned by Paws On Dog Training, LLC and may be used for the marketing, promotion and training of Paws On Dog Training, LLC. In addition, Paws On Dog Training, LLC reserves exclusive and temporary global rights to such content. In signing this Agreement, the Client agrees that anyone else participating in Paws On Dog training, LLC meetings with or on behalf of the client, be subject to the terms of this contract.

All measures or procedures arising from this agreement are negotiated only in the state of New Jersey. This agreement replaces all other written or oral agreements previously entered into between the client and Paws On Dog Training, LLC. This training contract replaces all other written or oral agreements previously entered into between the client and Paws On Dog Training, LLC. The client understands and accepts that any behavioral or health problems that develop with the dog or dogs while at Your Pro Dog Trainer are considered the best by the staff at their sole discretion. The client expressly undertakes to assume full financial responsibility for all expenses incurred or related. If the customer`s dogs are sick or injured, your Pro Dog Trainer tries to notify the customer or emergency contact with the phone numbers indicated by the customer. If we cannot reach the client or emergency contact, your Pro Dog Trainer may, at its sole discretion, use the services of a veterinarian and/or administer medication or give all necessary attention to the client`s dogs, and the costs are borne by the client. We recommend pet insurance to all pet owners, LIABILITY WAIVERPaws On Dog Training, LLC and their family, acquaintances or anyone else acting on their behalf (here called „His Agents“) does not guarantee the benefits of the client or pet as a result of advice and/or training on animal behaviour.