Additional assistance is available for your lease if you are 25 years of age or older in London. You will receive all these rights if we offer you a fixed-term lease after 12 months, when your original lease has expired. However, you still need to obtain our written permission before exchanging, assigning or making changes or improvements to your home. The start-up lease gives us stronger powers to deal with breaches of the lease and, if necessary. To end your lease. In your first year, you will receive at least one evaluation call and an evaluation visit to your home. We will contact you within the first six weeks and after nine months. This is to ensure that you respect the terms of your lease by paying the rent on time, taking care of your home and not harassing others. You should be justified in writing if your application for succession is rejected. If you have refused permission to inherit a lease, you can talk to a Housing Rights advisor to find out if there is anything else you can do. What is a start-up rent? What happens in my first year? What are my rights? How do I solve a problem? How can I end the lease? Can Hyde finish my rent? Offer of a new temporary rental term What if we extend your start-up rent? Can I appeal? Depending on the situation, we either extend the start-up lease for up to six months, or we follow the procedures to terminate your lease.

A 1 is generous. This company deserves a -5 and it`s not exaggerated or I`m creepy. Absolutely incompetent from top to bottom. In fact, they had so many complaints about the blockage that their inbox bounced back. Michael, our site manager, was particularly incompetent and takes no responsibility. He lied directly on several occasions and was rude on the phone. Even when he got caught with a red hand, he denied what he did. The reason we had to move is that we received conflicting information about the rental date and that the site manager lied to us directly on several occasions, so that the trust disappeared. We are still due to money two months after leaving the property because the down payment is not held on an independent account, it is owned by the company itself.

If you come across L-Q, don`t worry. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. Please don`t respond with an unnecessary lump sum response that tells me you`re sorry to hear xxxxx and then email customer service – your company doesn`t even know what that means. If you had a customer service policy, you wouldn`t have 99% 1 star rating. Solve these problems or you will be brought to justice. If you have refused permission to grant a lease, you should speak to a Housing Rights advisor. If you enter into your start-up lease and there is no problem, we offer you a temporary rental period with us. A temporary rent is a kind of guaranteed short-term lease.

It gives you the right to live in your home for a certain period of time, usually five years. In certain circumstances, it is possible to pass on a single tenancy agreement after the tenant`s death.