You use a delivery confirmation to indicate the date you received the installation. The agreed base rental period does not begin until the first day of the calendar quarter following receipt or calendar month, if you have accepted monthly payments. In the meantime, you pay a user fee of 1/30 of the agreed rental/rental rate per day. Insurance is mandatory for all assets. If you don`t have your own technical insurance, GRENKE will include your assets in affordable master insurance. The costs of this insurance are payable each year and depend on the purchase price of the asset. Not at all, except the conditions of favor, of course. As a customer, you individually choose the basic rental period and type of contract, such as. B partial or full amortization contracts, for each leased property. No no. GRENKE operates independently of each manufacturer.

Customers have access to a wide range of rental options. These include office communication and office equipment, medical equipment and security systems, and machinery. In some circumstances, more unusual assets may be rented by appointment. GRENKE guarantees that your bill will be paid within 24 hours, provided we have all the necessary contractual documents. For GRENKE`s trading partners, leasing is therefore a reliable transaction without having to be subject to debt. When your customers are renting, they strengthen their own liquidity at the same time. Ifrs 16 regulates the accounting of leases for listed companies and companies that prepare their financial statements on a voluntary basis in accordance with IFRS. Each underwriter is required to account for the right to use the asset on its balance sheet as well as a leasing debt. The standard applies to any lease with a net inventory value of more than $5,000 and a base lease term of more than 12 months.

We advise you to ask your tax advisor or accountant about this. The benefits of the lease proceeds are not affected. In total, acquisitions worth at least 25,000 euros are expected to be planned for the next twelve months. This sounds like a lot, but the sum is easy to reach, especially since current or already completed acquisitions can be included in the calculation.