If her mother wants May`s real estate before she marries, they would be part of her fortune if the couple split up. May`s post-marriage gift excludes her from her clean family property. May must ensure that she does not use inheritance to buy common assets such as a wedding building or to place them in a joint bank account. If she does, it becomes a common good. In Canada, there are no federal laws dealing with marriage or domestic contracts. The provinces and territories have passed provincial legislation to address the issue of marriage and domestic contracts. Couples are often reluctant to consider the benefits of a marriage deal because they think it`s not romantic. However, according to the law, marriage is an economic partnership, and spouses have rights and duties. Michael Reilly is a lawyer and family lawyer in Pickering Village, Ajax, Ontario.

But what happens if your spouse refuses to sign a marriage contract or marriage contract? The solution is actually simpler and more reliable from a legal point of view. Sell your home or holiday property after your wedding, but before you part. Once the house is sold, it can never be a marital home and you will be able to keep your equity in the property as the date of the wedding investment. Your wedding date is retained even if you invest the proceeds of the sale in another property. This solution does not depend on an agreement whose validity can be challenged by your spouse after separation. Axes` Law Ontario lawyers advise you legally on how to enter into a marriage agreement. Virtual family lawyers are available 7 days a week via videoconference, at times adapted to your schedule. Daily or evening appointments can be arranged free of charge at 877-522-9377 or in Greater Toronto at 647-479-0118 or via our online booking form.

At our law firms in Ottawa, Toronto, Scarborough, Vaughan, Etobicoke, Mississauga Winston Churchill or Mississauga Heartland, in-person appointments with licensed lawyers in Ontario are available. Click here to learn more about Axess Law`s family law services. It is advisable to think long and hard and seek independent legal advice when establishing a marital agreement. If you and your future spouse each have your own lawyer to assist you in the trial, the contract is much more likely to be applicable. The point of a marriage agreement is to reduce insecurity and not increase the stress of adultery.