In this case, your employees are entitled to submit the matter to MOM if your company insists on paying the full training fee, as this has not been communicated to employees. If the clause of such training is not associated with the employment contract, you have the right to demand all of the training and deduct from the salary of the staff. I would like to see if my company inserts in the Business Directive a clause stipulating that employees must compensate the full course costs to the company if employees resign by way of company funds within one year of the end of the training. Before enrolling in the training course, my employees did not sign any form of loan or agreement and the staff manager did not explain to the employees our corporate policy clause. Our company has this clause in our manual that HR will do the first day of work with employees. We also inform employees before they sign up for a company-sponsored course, and have them sign a loan. In any event, a staff member should, for some reason, decide: Do not complete his or her studies or, for no acceptable reason, obtain a minimum 90% participation, or leave the business before the end of management for the six (or 12 or 24) months immediately after the end of the course, he is disqualified for sponsorship and the amount of liability is considered course (or pro-rated) For company-sponsored courses, there is a commitment period based on course fees, as indicated in the guideline. This will be announced to the employee before taking the course. The violation of the loan results in the disqualification of course fees by the employee. If a company loan is required, it is convenient for us to write a letter to employees that states all the sponsorship conditions for the course to be taken. The staff must sign the letter in recognition/agreement on the terms and conditions; including the clause that staff are required to reimburse the company`s course costs in the event of the departure or withdrawal of staff within a specified period (including the termination of services by the company), staff are required to reimburse the company`s course costs.

This refund could be adjusted so that, if staff leave the course in 6 months, 8 months or anything, the amount of the refund can be adjusted accordingly. If employees had not been informed in advance of their obligations or obligations, I think the company may not be resorting to recovering costs from employees. Is such a clause in the staff manual? For us, we inform the staff and have signed an agreement before confirming the registration. If companies insist on deducting the sum from his last salary, can he complain to MOM? Look at the contract and, if indicated, employees must pay back. Once the course is over, my employees will want to resign. At that time, my supervisor mentioned that our corporate directive clause for employees and the requirement for full course fees by employees. Sounds like a delicate business to register uninformed employees before enrolling in registration training. Do you think my employees have the right to refuse to pay the course fees related to the company?.