If you click on Option 2, you will only see LCA prices for fixed and mobile services. A copy of this manual can be sent by cloud.telstra.com/help-and-support/terms-and-conditions CommsChoice will contact all account holders as part of the Teltra Business Services Agreement as well as many other LCA contacts via email. They will inform you that they have been mandated by the ACL to provide this service and will offer options to transfer your services to CommsChoice. The LCA has signed a three-year contract for services with commsChoice Pty Ltd. This applies to all persons currently under the LCA`s Teltra Business Service Agreement. It also applies to those within the ACF who want to provide a better telecommunications service or those who will receive assistance in moving to NBN. Choose one of the options to check the new LCA prices. Once you are ready to start the transmission process, you must submit an electronic form that will start the process. By accepting the agreement, you give permission to transfer your current services with CommsChoice to the new LCA wholesale prices. A member of the CommsChoice LCA Client Service Team will contact you before a transfer begins to ensure that all account data is correct and that you are comfortable moving forward. You may not be tall, but you still want to make a big impression.

The last thing you want is to appear to your customers as a small process. To project a professional image, you need your professional phone systems to have all the standard features you need for the present – like call time and voicemail – and advanced features that can be activated if your needs change. All Telstra Internet Solutions and Telstra Wholesale Internet Customers („Customers“), including customers who are downstream suppliers, are required to comply with this usage policy as part of their agreement with Telstra for Internet access services (whether general terms, customer relationship agreement or wholesale agreement) („Customer Agreement“).