This Section may lay down provisions relating to the design and production of drawings, the approval of architectural and technical constructions and drawings, the verification and approval of design and drawings, the construction of projects, start-up and completion, the consequences of early and late completion, the monitoring and follow-up of construction, testing and commissioning, operation and maintenance, temporary closure for repair and maintenance. Impact management, connection to the network and access to the facility by other operators/agencies, significant operational and maintenance violations, performance measures (quality and quantity of project results), performance monitoring, information disclosure, underperformance, assurance, operating time, etc. The preamble to the agreement. The main general components of an agreement and their nature are briefly mentioned below: a comprehensive guide for the management of PPP contracts in South Africa, from the establishment of the institutional framework to the management, including the duration of the project, change management, until the end of the contract. Describes two important tools: the PPP Agreement Management Plan and the PPP Agreement Management Manual. Definitions and interpretations. This section contains operational definitions and interpretations of terms (e.g. B accounting year, agency, authority, book value, concession, contractor, financial conclusion, good sectoral practice, ministers, terminals, etc.) used in the contract document and which require a clear understanding. It is also possible to determine what is a priority when inconsistencies or ambiguities are observed in the text of the treaty. .