Hi guys, if you look at the list settings on Amazon`s website, there`s a box to contribute that says „third-party shipping contract.“ I know there are a lot of explanations if you move the cursor close to this text. But I still don`t understand what third parties mean? Is this a product that is shipped and sold by Store X? OR product sold by „Store X“ and made by „Amazon“? Last month, Amazon decided to prioritize so-called essential items such as cleaning products, health products and shelving food products in its warehouses to meet customer demand. Amazon stopped accepting shipments from sellers that did not meet the purchase needs caused by the virus. The mandate has caused a stir in its army of third-party sellers, who account for 58% of Amazon`s revenue. Amazon and FedEx split in early summer for their own deliveries from the online retail giant: in June, FedEx announced it would not renew its domestic express contract with Amazon, and in August it announced it would not renew its land delivery contract with the e-commerce giant. In both cases, FedEx cited a desire to focus „on the broader e-commerce market.“ I think the flowering is starting to come from the Amazonian rose. It`s not going to hurt FedEx – people know how long it takes them to deliver. It will hurt third-party sellers, and … it`s going to hurt Amazon because it`s incredibly venal. A third means things that are neither sold nor fulfilled by Amazon. Your purchase. You purchase the delivery and all related services that you request (z.B.

liability protection) from third parties and not from Amazon. Amazon is not responsible and assumes no responsibility for the services you purchase from third parties. Amazon.com Inc. AMZN, 2.14% will begin allowing third parties on its platform to send „non-core“ items to the e-commerce giant this week, a signal that the company is mounting to meet broader consumer needs, according to people familiar with the issue. Items from the third-party supplier will be filled out directly by the seller and the seller will also take over the after-sales service. Since Amazon SG is not directly involved in processing sales that have been agreed to by third parties, you should contact the third party directly if the following problems arise: If Amazon`s third-party items are not satisfied, your order will be executed directly by the Seller, who also supports Customer Service, with the exception of Amazon Prime items. If you have a problem with these commands, you may be eligible as part of the Amazon A to z warranty. For more information, please see the A-to-z warranty. Here`s an Amazon support document that might help. It seems that if you order by a third party, the order is satisfied and shipped by that seller and that the order is still protected by Amazon.

The purchase and use of the delivery or related services are subject to the terms and conditions described on this page, the policies we make available in relation to your seller account, as well as to the third party and other conditions available via the links available below. You agree to these terms and conditions by clicking on the odds box and/or the „Buy the Delivery Service – Confirm Shipping“ button, described in these Terms and Conditions or, if before, under the following Terms. Amazon announced in mid-December that it was preventing third parties from using FedEx Ground or Home to respond to shipments to Prime members because the airline was „shrinking,“ according to a Wall Street Journal report, citing an Amazon memo sent by email to distributors. Restrictions continue „until delivery performance of these shipping methods improves,“ he said in the email.