The UC Davis Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) is a written agreement that guarantees admission to UC Davis in a certain major of each California Community College (CCC). 2. Complete all remaining course and AMP requirements in your TAG agreement. The BALISE sets criteria for guaranteed admission to the BKSB. At UCSB, TAGs are available for all college of Letters and Science majors, with the exception of performing arts majors who require an audition. The TAG is not available to majors at the College of Engineering or the College of Creative Studies. For more information on articulation courses, visit the ASSIST website under the articulation agreements between UCSB and your Community College. Starting your training at a community college is a great way to get a university degree. Uc Santa Cruz is proud of its close ties with California community colleges, and together we have developed a program to ensure admission to UCSC and assist students in their transfer process. A Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) is a formal agreement that guarantees the fall approval in your proposed major. Completed until the end of the spring semester before the transfer, four courses in at least two of the following disciplines: Nov. 1-30: Send your UC application for admission to the NOTE Bachelor:UC Berkeley, UCLA and UC San Diego do not participate in the TAG program. When will I receive my decision on the day and admission? .

Check out our TAG journal to take a look at UCSB`s admission guarantee for students in the California community. The UCSB TAG requires that specific requirements be met by the end of the fall period. We expect you to turn on your UC application by November 30, 2020 and complete the TAU in January before you begin reviewing applications – both TAG and regular decision. All decisions will be published in April 2021. We work with all University Colleges in California to provide consultants with the information they need to help students succeed. You must also complete the UC authorization application and file it in November.