Buying the router is most useful if you`re a technically experienced user or plan to stay with Verizon for many years (or at least more than 20 months). I have HAD FIOS for over 2 years and I like the speed and availability of the internet. But settling scores has been a major topic for me. During these two years, my stock discounts were used before the end of the year. I called customer service several times for inconsistent invoices. Plus, lock-in pricing doesn`t mean your hardware costs will never go up. My digital adapters went from $2.99 to a breath of $5.99 almost doubled. And the hd-set top-box went from $8.99 to $11.99, both box rentals cost almost twice during my 2-year contract. Thank God I didn`t rent the DVR, for $20 a month.

If you opt for Verizon, be sure to keep a close eye on the accounts. The service is excellent and reliable. This is my third year at FIOS. Speed 50/50. I remember reading for the first time about Verizon`s Fios plan to spend billions of dollars to expand the Fios footprint and introduce it to more homes for Fios Internet services. It was called a risky step because the general belief was that fast wireless internet was on the way. That was five six seven years ago. Welp. The latest wireless technologies still can`t achieve the speed and reliability of what Verizon`s direct fiber optics can offer.

I called Verizon to ask for a lower price they gave me for a year. I appreciated this politeness. But I started monitoring Verizon Fio`s internet plans. What I`ve discovered is that Verizon, like many companies, has consistently tested different offerings with different plans and different prices. So I decided to find the latest and best Fios deals and put them on this blog. If I use Roku to stream live sports and movies with wifi, what speed would you recommend? Man 2-5 years ago Verizon was the best thing to do, but now you are garbage WiFi is terrible pay to add even more garbage plus $50 to my bill for old used materials and you only like the new customer. Pay end 460 a month we need to do better I just got a „bait and switch“ from Verizon. I have been a customer for 11 years and I do not have a contract. I`ve been having problems with the Wi-Fi router for some time, so I called the support to fix the router. They said they couldn`t send a new router because I didn`t have a contract.

They then gave me a price for a contract and confirmed 3 times that the new router would arrive in 3-5 business days. So we signed. Well, the new router never arrived and if I call them back now, they say that the new contract never included a new router! Even though they said one of them was traveling three times! Watch out for her. They will give you back, if they can. Attention to the buyer! My advice to all of you is that when the deals run, you just go from month to month to keep the ball in your place, especially if they can increase the equipment costs during the commitment period. It may be worth saving $10 a month. By the fact, I remember they were trying to increase equipment costs when I was under contract and called and raised hell. I said what the purpose of a contract is if you can keep changing prices; It is a single-use contract.