This is not the first time Volaris has sought a codeshare agreement with a U.S. airline. In 2008, Southwest stated that it intended to schedule with Volaris within two years. But airlines have never created a flawless ticketing process. Instead, they allowed customers to essentially combine two tickets, one on Southwest and the other on Volaris. In 2013, the airlines ended their cooperation. Under the proposed agreement, airlines will sell airfares to each other as early as the spring. This will allow a customer to fly from Mexico City to San Antonio on Volaris and capture, for example, a frontier segment from San Antonio to Atlanta. 1.

In the event of cancellation of the flight due to exceptional circumstances or by the order of the authorities, Volaris grants its customers an electronic credit equal to the amount of the ticket purchased plus 25%, with 90 days of booking and up to one year of travel, changes the itinerary of the flight free of charge and, in some cases, asks for a refund. This agreement, one of the first between ultra-low-cost carriers, will open additional ultra-low-fare travel options between Mexico and the United States. Volaris is pleased to have new access to U.S. cities that are not served by its network, and Frontier is looking forward to having access to new destinations in Mexico for the first time. Subject to approval from U.S. and Mexican authorities, codeshare routes will be offered for sale this spring. This agreement will allow Frontier to place and sell tickets with its code (F9) on flights operated by Volaris and to place the volaris code (Y4) on flights operated by Frontier. Once codeshare is in place, passengers enjoy a seamless, low-fare travel experience that travels on Frontier and Volaris. Volaris currently serves 24 destinations in the United States and 40 in Mexico, 21 of which coincide with Frontier destinations in both countries. The code-sharing agreement greatly increases the connection potential of routes.

„This agreement will allow us to expand our mission, deliver low fares and steal more people,“ Barry Biffle, President and CEO of Frontier, said in a statement. From spring 2018, flights will be available directly via Frontier on the company`s website, its mobile app and call center. Flights are also offered through third parties, including online travel agencies. Flights will also be available directly through the Volaris and mobile website. „This agreement will allow us to expand our mission, provide low fares and fly more people,“ said Barry Biffle, President and CEO of Frontier Airlines.