Agreements vary according to the rights sought and the agreed terms. However, there are a number of sources available that local authorities may find useful when considering what to include in their own agreements. These include: Home / Insights / Tenant Advice on Telecommunications Among these model contracts, only the Digital Infrastructure Toolkit and accompanying documents have been developed by the central government. The others are not approved by the central government, but can be useful starting points depending on the context and nature of the agreement sought. An overview of the most important points around access agreements between network owners and operators for the development of digital infrastructure. Recent case law () recognises that other uses for which the assets/assets could reasonably be used may be envisaged, although the only use permitted under the proposed agreement concerns the use of electronic communications. The crucial point is that the property to be valued is the „consent of the data subject to transfer or to be bound by the law of the Code (as the case may be)“, noting that the definition expressly refers to the will of both parties. Key changes: mast rents are likely to be lower; It will take longer to terminate a telecommunications agreement, but you should be more sure that you will get free ownership at the end of the process. The City of London has developed a toolkit to accelerate the Wayleave agreements, supported by the Greater London Authority for the London Plan. It includes: The first part of this process requires a landowner/user to inform the operator of the reasons why the code agreement is to expire and the end date. At least 18 months` notice is required. The new code sets out four reasons for the siting provider (including significant breaches of the agreement by the operator, continued delay in paying rent, and the landowner`s intention to recover).

One of the most important and controversial areas of the Old Code was the provisions relating to the removal of devices. There are new rules on how to terminate a code agreement and then disarm. A lease is a contractual agreement in which the owner of the property grants a right to use the property for a certain period of time in exchange for certain regular payments. Leases are more common for cell towers on land or rooftops. The following guidelines set out best practices in negotiating and formalising agreements. Local authorities should refer to this page for guidance on how to promote and process industry applications. It is therefore necessary to first identify the key terms of the agreement, as these will affect the market value of the consideration. The corresponding contractual conditions usually reflect current practice in the market where the property is located. For example, issues such as the duration of the contract, the frequency of lease checks (if any), and the parties` responsibilities for maintenance and expenses may affect the market rent assessed according to the consideration principles. .