Loans can also be made to those in need. This may be a woman who escapes violence or a person with an income who leaves her family. The Council will stick to the government`s guidelines on priority need. If you leave the property, you must clear all your items from the property, including all objects from the loft, gardens or outbuildings. If you rent a garage and terminate the license, the garage must also be evacuated. If you leave items in the accommodation without council approval, the Council will delete them and charge you the distance fee. All the property left in the dwelling is no longer your property and becomes the property of the Council. Many people are struggling to come up with the money for what is needed to secure the accommodation, so wokingham Borough Council might be able to provide assistance from the rent in advance or on loan bond. The district centre`s housing advisory department runs this program, reviews all applications and each money is paid at its discretion. Contact: Simon Preis E-Mail: Tel: 0118 974 3775.

If a tenant dies and there is no known family or family, we will try to determine who is responsible for the tenant`s affairs. We will ask them to submit a written termination of this lease indicating the date on which the keys will be returned. In case of rent arrears, these are recovered by the estate of the former tenant. If you get a divorce, you can get a property adjustment order that can transfer your lease. This is a decision of the Court of Justice in the context of divorce proceedings and will not infringe on current rental rights. If the Council is allocated one of the following fees, you will receive, shortly after the date of the rental, an invoice inviting you to pay: any rent due at the end of your lease must be paid. Contact us for advice. If we receive a letter from you, but not clearly indicated that 4 weeks of written notification with the intention of terminating the lease, we will contact you to clarify. Contact us if you need help. Free advice is also available and people can call 0118 974 6760.

For example, the Council will ask tenants to keep a receipt for each payment, and will recommend that photos of the apartment be taken before they move in. They also have information on how to enter into a lease, for example. B to make sure the dates are on the legally binding agreement that the owner signs it, and other advice. So there is information on these housing and other issues. If you wish to move (end of your lease), you must inform us in writing for 4 weeks. During the winter months, the water supply should be emptied to avoid freezing pipes. Please contact the Area Accommodation Agent to have a plumber taken to empty the property if it remains uninhabited before the lease termination date. Wokingham Borough owners generally require a security deposit from the potential tenant, and the amounts required in the city are usually four weeks` monthly rent. The reason they ask for it is to cover future damage that may occur to their property. Another key is that the landlord asks for this money if the tenant is late.